Conditions and Abbreviations


All our records are fully guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied, return within 14 days for a full refund including your return postage.

Whilst every disc is checked visually, please read through the grading carefully before making your purchase. We try to be as accurate as possible, but mistakes can be made and we will always do our utmost to resolve any problem. 

Mint record, perfect, new. Should play perfect.
    (LP Album Cover - perfect as you would expect to buy new)

M- Mint minus record, very clean, only a few light marks. Plays perfectly well.
    (LP Album Cover - almost perfect, a few light marks or creases)

E Excellent record. Maybe a few light marks, odd heavier mark. Might play with the occasional background noise.
    (LP Album Cover - slightly heavier marks than you expect from a brand new purchase, normal storage wear)

VG++ More heavier marks on the vinyl, maybe some occasional background noise, acceptable for DJ's and most homes.
    (LP Album Cover - heavier scuffs and marks, slight soiling, storage wear will be more significant, some creasing )

VG+ Well used vinyl, many heavy marks and possibly some damaged areas. Will play fine but with with clicks and crackles in parts. Still acceptable for DJ's.
    (LP Album Cover - well used cover, creases and some fraying will be present)

VG Filler vinyl record until a better one comes along, alot of heavy marks with background noise.
    (LP Album Cover - although an abused cover, it is still capable of storing the vinyl adeqately)

VG- Visually poor vinyl with plenty of background noise, only buy it if you don't often see it for sale or it is a bargain price that is too good to miss.
    (LP Album Cover - totally abused cover)

DH Drill hole
DJ Promo / Demo release for DJs or Radio Stations
G Gatefold Sleeve
I Import cut on cover
NOC No original centre, dinked
LD Label damaged
 Picture sleeve
SMOC Sticker mark on the LP Album cover
SMOL Sticker mark on the label
SOC Sticker on the LP Album cover
SOL Sticker on the label
TOC Tear on the LP Album cover
 Tear on the label
WOC Writing on the LP Album cover
 Writing on the label